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Social & Environmental Responsibilities

The Elephant Lake Group is dynamically involved with the upliftment of the local community of St Lucia, South Africa and surrounding areas too play an important role in job creation in the area – working towards the alleviation of poverty as well as the general wellbeing and social development of the people and children in the area.

The General Manager, represents the group on various levels through a variety of organizations that include St Lucia / Dukuduku Business Forum, the Greater Dukuduku Development Forum, the AHI Zululand Business Institute, and the Umkhanyakude Chamber of Commerce.

Looking to spear-head a specific upliftment project in the surrounding rural area, the Elephant Lake Group has set its sights firmly on the Glen-Park Primary School. Following a visit to the school, hosted by the headmaster Mr. K. Sibisi, the group has undertaken to implement an action plan to improve the general conditions of the learning institution.

At the end of 2010, the group restored two classrooms that are now able to accommodate new learners.

To date, the principal’s office has been restored and an additional store room created to alleviate the lack of space for maintenance equipment and sundries. The kitchen – which is responsible for catering to over 320 students – has been revamped from torn corrugated iron sheets and an open fire to an independent, ventilated space with a gas burner stove.

A recent inter-department sports tournament saw the Elephant Lake Group sponsor soccer and netball apparel which were greatly celebrated by community members and players alike.

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